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Product experience and evaluation of mainstream enterprise instant messaging software

with the rapid development of Internet and mobile Internet, enterprise instant messaging is playing a stronger and stronger role in enterprise applications. Multi platform and mobile enterprise instant messaging tools represented by IMO, carrier pigeon, enterprise, instant messaging and 263 cloud communication are benefiting more and more enterprise users

with the wide spread of Internet and the gradual clarity of user needs in recent years, great changes have taken place in today's Enterprise Instant Messaging Market: free has become the mainstream, and mobile office has become the mainstream

in fact, there is no big gap. This article will conduct product experience and evaluation on the currently well-known enterprise IM, and provide some reference for enterprise users to select enterprise im

I. charging conditions


is divided into Standard Version (60 yuan/1 person/year), professional version (120 yuan/1 person/year) and flagship Version (200 yuan/1 person/year). Value added office services are charged separately

2. Carrier pigeons

are completely free

3. Enterprises

according to the number of accounts, the number of groups and the upper limit of the number of groups, enterprises calculate part of the bio based elastomer fees for the high-temperature decadent experimental section of 100 ℃ ~ 1200 ℃ metal according to 4.2.8 standard high-temperature installation. For example, the 10 person package is 4500 yuan for 2 years, 25 people for 200 people, 25 people for 500 people and 1000 people for 1000 people

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