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Functional features: drilling touch screen; Automatic locking; Class C spare lock cylinder, folding key, wear-resistant lock liner structure

1. In the real sense, the fully automatic lock closing and unlocking

SiGe adopts advanced gyroscope technology to overcome the shortcomings that infrared sensors are easy to misjudge on the door, and realize the real and reliable concept of "fully automatic" fingerprint lock. After installation and calibration, the SiGe full intelligent lock will be detected by the gyroscope, memorize the relative position of the door, and detect the acceleration of the door movement, the horizontal and vertical position of the door and the vibration characteristics, so as to realize the automatic locking when the door is closed. When opening the door, as long as the fingerprint or password or card is verified, the system will find the opening command, and the door lock driver chip will automatically receive the signal. There is no need to twist the handle, and it is driven by the reduction motor to unlock and lock automatically

gyroscope is an angular motion detection device that uses the momentum moment of the high-speed rotating body to sense the angular motion of the shell around one or two axes orthogonal to the rotation axis relative to the inertia space

gyro instrument was first used in navigation, and later, it was also widely used in aviation and aerospace. Gyro instrument can not only be used as an indicating instrument, but more importantly, it can be used as a sensitive element in the automatic control system, that is, as a signal sensor. According to the needs, gyro instruments can provide accurate signals such as azimuth, level, position, speed and acceleration, so that the pilot or automatic navigator can control aircraft, ships or space shuttles to fly according to a certain route. In the guidance of missiles, satellite carriers or space exploration rockets, these signals are directly used to complete the attitude control and orbit control of the aircraft

SiGe takes the lead in applying advanced gyroscope technology to fingerprint door lock, realizing a leap forward in automatic lock, which is safe, convenient and reliable

2. Live voice prompts are suitable for all ages

the song c731 uses an OLED display and has live voice prompts throughout the process. The use and setting is very convenient and simple, which can be easily used by even the elderly and children

for users with good eyesight, OLED display is convenient and fast; You can listen to voice prompts when you meet the elderly and other people who have poor eyesight. For example, there are five people in brother Li's family, typically old and young. After installing SiGe smart lock at home, he feels safe and convenient. Most importantly, SiGe smart lock is easy to install and use

3. Polymer lithium battery power supply and outdoor USB emergency charging

with its many years of industry experience and R & D strength, SiGe has developed a new fully automatic intelligent lock, which has much higher requirements than ordinary intelligent locks in terms of motor drive torque and battery power supply. After repeated tests and reliability research, SiGe uses a special polymer lithium battery instead of a dry battery. The advantage of polymer lithium battery is that it has high reliability, can provide stable high current, is not easy to leak, will not explode, and can be recharged repeatedly for more than 300 cycles. The reliability and service life are quite high. SiGe also adopts advanced fast charging technology, and battery replacement is also quite fast

in addition, when the power is really exhausted, users don't have to worry. Outside the door, the door lock can be charged from the USB interface through the mobile phone power bank or laptop computer for a period of time, and then it can be started and work normally, so as to ensure that the lock can be used safely in any case

4. Anti peeping virtual password

this fully intelligent fingerprint lock can input any number before and after the 6-digit correct opening password, increase the length of the password, as long as the total length does not exceed 18 digits, press the confirm key to unlock. Avoid and eliminate the possibility that the door opening password is peeped and leaked

example: Miss Yao made an appointment with her colleagues to have dinner at home at the weekend. After her colleagues went upstairs with her, Miss Yao opened the door by pressing the password. Although the colleague stood behind and waited to enter the door, Miss Yao casually entered a few numbers in front of and behind her original password "314520", and the password was verified successfully. This virtual password function helps Miss Yao eliminate the embarrassment of worrying about being seen by her colleagues. The colleague also asked him, can you remember the password for opening the door so long? Can you remember Miss Yao clearly

5. The national standard anti-theft door 6068 lock body

SiGe adopts the standard anti-theft door lock body, which is produced and controlled according to the security certification standard ga701-2007 of the Ministry of public security. Generally, there are 6068 small lock body and 6068 big overlord lock body to choose from. The size of the hole is the same as the standard mechanical lock of the anti-theft door, which is convenient for replacement and installation

example: Sego Beijing agents have sold and installed electronic locks in Beijing for many years. There are more than 1000 sets of electronic locks, fingerprint locks and intelligent locks at home and abroad, large and small. The experience he has summarized over the years is that in addition to good safety quality and good appearance, convenient installation is an important factor in the popularity of smart locks in the market. Convenient installation saves the installation time and cost for the agent, and less openings on the door for the customer. Like SiGe smart lock, basically, the national standard anti-theft door can be installed directly without punching a hole. No matter what the opening direction of the customer's door is, it can be installed as soon as it is adjusted on site, and it is very convenient to cross the line

SiGe fully automatic fingerprint lock can also be used for more than 90% of the lock bodies on the market. It can be refitted successfully without changing the lock body and only changing the lock cylinder. Of course, in this case, you have to make sure that the old lock on the anti-theft door has a reliable structure and is not damaged, and can withstand the repeated impact load of the large motor gearbox

6. Fashionable touch sensitive keys

Sego's new automatic lock abandons traditional mechanical keys and allows you to experience sensitive touch like a smart phone

example: manager Zhao's push-button electronic lock has been bought for less than three years. Now the key is often pressed without reflection, and the numbers on the key are worn and can't be seen clearly. Accustomed to not having to bring a key, manager Zhao plans to replace the electronic lock at home. After online understanding and trial in the store, I decided to buy SiGe smart locks that all use touch screen buttons. Manager Zhao thinks that the mobile phones he has used in the past two years are touch-screen, and there is no problem after using them for a few years. Touch screen technology must be mature. In addition, the touch screen looks more high-end and atmospheric. It doesn't take much effort to touch the keys with a little effort. On the second day of purchase, SiGe installer helped manager Zhao's home to replace the new lock

7. Anti riot and anti prying alarm function

this series of automatic locks is designed with an anti prying alarm detection device on the outer panel. In case of lock prying or violent unlocking, the high decibel warning alarm sound will sound and last for a period of time, which can give a deterrent to saboteurs

example: Xiaoqiang, a SiGe installation consultant, met a customer. When Xiao Zhou finished installing the lock and began to introduce the use and various safety functions of SiGe smart lock to the customer, the customer Ms. Cai hoped that Xiao Zhou could demonstrate the anti prying alarm function of SiGe smart lock. Under the condition of protecting the safety of the lock, Xiao Zhou deliberately pried the lock, and the lock immediately sent out a harsh alarm. Ms. Cai opened the door to her neighbor because of the alarm bell. Xiaoqiang's anti prying alarm demonstration made Ms. Cai completely relieved of the safety of SiGe intelligent lock

8. 360 degree fingerprint registration and identification technology

SiGe full intelligent smart lock c731 adopts the third generation 360 degree fingerprint acquisition algorithm and technology, and has intelligent update function. It can remember the subtle changes of fingerprint growth and repair incomplete fingerprints. The more it is used, the better it can be used. It can prevent false fingerprints and effectively improve the security of lock authentication

the introduction of the eight main functions of SiGe automatic electronic lock is completed. Of course, the functions of a humanized intelligent lock cannot only be these. Do you want to experience more functions? Hurry to buy a safe and convenient SiGe smart lock for the door of your home




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