How to get rid of monotonous design in office wall

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The office decoration is different from the general home decoration. The decoration effect should be mainly clean, bright and fast. To create such a decoration effect, the office wall decoration plays a great role, so special attention should be paid to the office wall decoration. In order to better understand the typical methods of office design in office wall decoration, how can the office wall decoration get rid of monotonous design? Let's briefly introduce the decoration of the office wall

1. Design of wall decoration painting

in the process of office wall decoration, in order to increase the decorative feeling of a constant dark white wall, you can choose to carry out several decorative paintings to match the space. It should be noted that the overall decoration effect of the office should be consistent with or set off each other. It can also be a more retro and solemn traditional Chinese painting or a romantic and elegant European oil painting, Modern fashion abstract painting is also a good choice

2. Reasonable use of storage cells

in the office space, it is very necessary to build an area of honor wall and display wall, which can not only show the culture and quality of the enterprise, but also bring good overall decoration effect to the office. The storage cells are generally constructed in an embedded way, which can not only save space, but also increase the sense of hierarchy of space, It is a good choice of wall decoration in office decoration

3. Decorative sense of decorative wallpaper

the use of wallpaper and wall stickers has been an indispensable decoration concept in recent wall decoration. The use of wallpaper is not only simple and convenient in construction, but also can meet people's overall requirements for color, design and decoration as a whole. When used in the office space, it can be changed at any time with the change of seasons, or it can be simple, elegant and abstract, The selection of various designs and colors can meet the needs of more consumers

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