Young Greens in Germany mobilise for climate elect

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Young Greens in Germany mobilise for "climate elections" - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Dinkelsbühl holds the title of the most beautiful old town in Bavaria and is traditionally a conservative stronghold. But after 16 years under the conservative chancellor, Angela Merkel, the young green politicians Katharina Sparrer and David Schiepek believe it”s time for a changewith plans for more to arrive i.

According to Sparrer, who is a member of Alliance 90, there have been 16 years of standstill on climate protection and on social justice under Merkel.

So far during her election campaign, Sparrer says they’ve encountered people who welcome green change. They’ve also faced hate and anger. One of the frequent criticisms they hear is that the Greens are a party that likes to ban things. On countless occasions, she has explained to locals that the green’s agenda will still allow them to use their diesel cars and that they won’t be stopped from getting to A to B. To her and her green group, what they are focussing on is “the expansion of public transport, on a functioning rail network and good cycle paths.”

Dinkelsbühl cannot currently be reached by train. The line was closed down 30 years ago. To Sparrer and the Greens, this is a symbol of what they call the failed transportation policy in Bavaria. They argue that the whole system is centered around cars and that the conservative party in power is hardly investing any money in trains and busesPeanut Special. Investing in alternative transportation is crucial to lowering Co2 emissionsThe scenes to minimize bad press..

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